Allegheny County


Pictured above L-R: Dorothy Flaherty Weldon, Past National President; Marge Visokey, Division 4; Colleen Bowers, National Fundraiser/Past State President; and Shirley Murphy, Pennsylvania State Irish Historian; awarded Marge the National Lifetime Membership for 70 years of LAOH service at the Allegheny County LAOH General County Meeting Saturday, November 14. Allegheny County Board members present were Kathleen Diulus, President; Eileen O’Malley, Vice President; Secretary & Immediate Past President, Sharon McGrath; Treasurer, Sue Donnelly; Catholic Action, Kathleen Toomey; Freedom for All Ireland, Shirley Sestric; Immigration and Legislation, Suzanne Heller ; and Publicity/Webmaster Lori Butler. Cake, refreshments and lively conversation followed afterwards.

Newsletter Omissions

Lackawanna County

On Sunday, November 3, 2013 the Lackawanna County Board meeting hosted by JFK Division provided a lovely buffet luncheon. President Brigid Bauer officiated for the election and installation of Lackawanna County LAOH officers effective January, 2014. They are: Dorothea Crowley (Division 1) President, Mary Kate Werner (Division 4) Vice President; Alice McDermott (Division 1) Secretary, Karin Lyons-Foster (Division 1) Treasurer. The Historian is Mary Ann McAndrew (Division 4), Missions & Charities is Mary McHale (Division 2), Catholic Action is Maureen McNichols (Division 5). Sentinel will be Nancy Yavoroski (Division 4), and the Mistress at Arms is Barbara Habeeb (Division 1). Congratulations Ladies!
St. Brigid Feast Day Mass Saturday, February 1, 2014
Tara of the Hill – Division 5, of Lackawanna County will host the St Brigid Feast Day Mass on Saturday, February 1, 2014 at St. Peter’s Cathedral on Wyoming Avenue, in Scranton. AOH and LAOH members will gather together at 3:45 PM before proceeding into the 4PM celebration of the Mass in honor of our patron, St. Brigid.